Before westernized medicine became the standard, many healers used a variety of herbs and foods to help women dealing with all the symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). Luckily, science has been able to back up those ancient healers because, in fact, many PMS symptoms can be relieved with nutritional supplements like Greens First Female SeraMense™.

If you suffer from any of the following PMS symptoms: mood swings, bloating and weight gain, cyclic cramps, breast tenderness, food cravings, fatigue, and irritability, SeraMense can help. It works by balancing your hormonal fluctuations. And because all superfoods in SeraMense are naturally processed at ultra-low temperatures they retain all their nutrients.

Check out the key nutrients in SeraMense and how they can help alleviate your PMS.


A natural source of progesterone, Chasteberry supports the body’s production of progesterone and luteinizing hormones. Chasteberry relieves breast tenderness and cramping, and is also beneficial to the skin, reducing acne flare-ups.

Lemon Balm

Like Chasteberry, Lemon Balm has a long history dating to ancient Greece, when its calming effects were used to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is also an effective that works to reduce bloating and fluid retention.

Royal Jelly

A substance created naturally by worker bees to feed and nourish the queen bee, Royal Jelly has been used for centuries to treat the mood swings, fluid retention, and fatigue that commonly characterize PMS.

Moringa Leaf Powder

Uber rich in antioxidants and recently hailed as a miracle plant with high amounts of   vitamins A,C,E and B complex, its been shown to relieve the debilitating fatigue that often accompanies PMS.

Organic Dong Quai

A Chinese herb nicknamed “the female ginseng,” Dong Quai is an anti-spasmodic that relieves cramping and lower back pain. It also dilates blood vessels and helps replenish blood after your period has ended.

Yucca Root

Yucca is an effective anti-inflammatory and analgesic, which eases the common body aches like low back and abdomen pain, which helps your whole body.

Vitamins & Minerals

Because levels of minerals like iron, zinc, chromium, selenium, and magnesium are often depleted during menstruation, SeraMense is fortified with the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Chromium

Greens First Female SeraMense Plus


For women who desire that extra nutritional support, SeraMense Plus gives you all the key ingredients of the capsule form and an extra boost of Greens First signature formula of 49 different superfoods in a great tasting powder of naturally sweetened original mint or chocolate flavor. Great way to start your day and prevent nutritional deficiencies, which can exacerbate the symptoms of PMS.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to consider taking SeraMense if you’re struggling with PMS. Wishing you a better period!