Our History

Greens First Female is an extension of the Greens First Product line.  Greens First has been in the business of developing and marketing the best-in-class health and wellness products that provide maximum cellular nutrition and promote a healthy alkaline environment in the body. Using the Greens First base formula, which has been voted the number one tasting green drink on the market, we have developed the Greens First Female line of products.  Our Greens First Female formulas have been conceived and developed in a partnership with notable OB/GYNs, who wanted to be able to address their patients’ growing demand for all natural solutions to the common symptoms associated with the different phases of a woman’s life.  We believe that our values and integrity as a company are reflected in the quality and efficacy of our entire new Greens First Female product line, which targets the specialized needs of a woman’s reproductive lifecycle from PMS to Post Menopause and in between.

Our Mission

We are passionately committed to developing and marketing the highest quality, physician-recommended, evidenced-based products using superior natural ingredients, which aim to improve a woman’s quality of life by meeting her specials needs throughout her adult lifecycle.