Greens First Female is dedicated to improving and supporting female health. Our products are developed and recommended by a leading group of OB/GYN’S. This collaboration lead to the creation of a professional grade line of nuturitional supplements for every phase of woman’s reproductive cycle and beyond. Founded on the principles of our sister company. Greens First, for over two decades we have been supplying over 20 thousand health care providers with innovative, natural options for their patients, improving quality of life

Greens First Female products are  predicated on the some basic principle: Our whole food, nutrition-based approach to women’s health is being embraced by many mainstream doctors as more women demand natural wholistic options to gently support them through their hormonal transitions in life.

Research shows that more women are taking control over their health than ever before. Greens First Female enables women to be more proactive about their specialized reproductive health needs and addresses wellness  with a more natural approach than previously accepted protocols.

The Greens First Female product line is sold only through approved and licensed health care providers.

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